Meet Edgar

I love social media. Especially Twitter. I don’t spend all day on it – even though I easily could – because I know I need to get other things done, and because I have come across an awesome tool.

When I started Good News Shared a lot of my time was spent on social media, either looking for great stories or sharing our stories. I had been using Hootsuite to schedule my posts, but found it so time-consuming to add new posts every week. I knew that I needed to find a way to free up some of my time, so when I heard about Edgar I was excited and curious.

Meet Edgar

Edgar is a social media automation and scheduling tool. Thanks to Edgar I now save several hours each week as I do not need to regularly create schedules. Also, I no longer need to go on Twitter every day, as Edgar will automatically keep posting my content for me. Even if I never add any new content to Edgar ever again, it will still keep posting my content for me as unlike other tools Edgar keeps all of your updates in a library which it shares on a rotating basis.

Meet Edgar

I do go on Twitter pretty much every day, but now I go on to chat with people or to read and share other peoples content.

My library in Edgar has over 900 posts…

Initially I was really reluctant to sign up to Edgar, which costs $49 per month. It seemed really expensive, especially when I could use Hootsuite for free. Eventually I decided to see if it is as good as it sounded, mainly because I knew I could cancel it if it wasn’t worth it. The set up takes a while as you have to put all your content into Edgar, but once you have you don’t have to worry about putting that content in ever again as Edgar has it saved in your library. The amount of time Edgar saves me makes the financial cost worth it in my opinion. I currently have 955 posts in my library. With such a massive amount I know there is no way I would be sharing my evergreen content as well as I currently do without Edgar.

Also, having recently started working freelance as a social media manager I am now able to use Edgar for my clients’ accounts too, as it is possible to have up to 10 accounts on the individual plan.

Find out more about Edgar to see if he’s the social media tool for you here.


5 thoughts on “Meet Edgar

  1. Thanks for the great review, Nisha! Sounds like you’re definitely making the most o Edgar – glad to hear he’s help you save time!

  2. Great review Nisha! Have you ever tried eClincher? Their Auto Post feature offers similar functionality. I think you will find the tool to be more complete and the price point is hard to beat. You can take advantage of their free trial here:

  3. Hi Nisha,

    I have used Edgar quite a bit, but now moved over to As it allows unlimited accounts and libraries on its max plan which costs $50 a month. It even has a free plan but that may not matter to you. Also, I like its features such as pausing an account or a library, expiring posts after certain date etc.

    – Liz

    • Hi Liza,

      Wow that sounds really interesting I’ll have to check it out, thanks! The unlimited accounts for $50 a month sounds really good! A free plan is great – I’ve only recently begun paying for social media automation, before that I only ever used free tools. I like that people can try it out with a free plan to see if it would be useful before having to pay for it.

      Thanks again,

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