Alex Swallow

An Interview With Alex Swallow

Alex Swallow is Programme Director of the Charity Leaders’ Exchange, Founder of Young Charity Trustees and Assistant Editor of Good News Shared. He’s also my husband- regular readers of Good News Shared might have noticed that we got married earlier this year- we actually met while working for a charity ourselves. He’s just launched his first website, today, so I decided to interview him.

1- Could you tell us a bit about how you ended up working for the charity sector?

Like many people who end up in the charity sector, my involvement was a bit of an accident. I studied politics at Uni, then helped run a voluntary Programme in Romania; worked in Japan for two years; came back and got a Masters; worked as a political intern and a private tutor before I finally saw a job working for a small charity that caught my eye. That was about five years ago and I’ve been in and around the sector ever since: there’s a lot of it to explore!

2- Why have you decided to launch a website?

I’ve launched for three main reasons. First, I wanted to have my own online space, distinct from social media platforms, where I can explain what I do and what I’m about. Second, I wanted to have a platform to help share the causes that I care about (including Good News Shared) with others. Finally, I wanted to have the flexibility in the future to work from anywhere and to continue to get involved with a range of exciting things as I do now, so starting a website seemed like a good step.

3- What causes are you hoping to support through the website?

As well as Good News Shared, I am hoping to promote Young Charity Trustees- which promotes Board Diversity for charities, Charityworks- which introduces bright graduates into the charity sector, Charity Careers- which tries to help people who want a career in the charity sector, (or people already in the sector who want to further their ambitions) and many other things I am involved with besides. One of my greatest pleasures is telling people about good organisations that they haven’t heard about and connecting people up who will be able to help each other.

4- How can people get involved?

If people go to they can sign up for emails to get my latest blog posts and other information. Or of course they can contact me about the individual causes I support, so if for example they are a young person and interested in Trusteeship they can talk to me.

I’ll also be promoting some volunteering opportunities on the site, both for work with me and with a range of other individuals and organisations.

Thanks for the opportunity to tell people about the website (hope they like it!) and a little bit about who I am and what I’m up to.


Global Entrepreneurship Week

Yesterday I attended the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) launch event in London, hoping to pick up some tips and inspiration for Good News Shared.

Global Entrepreneurship Week is the world’s largest campaign to promote entrepreneurship. Initially started in the UK, the campaign now takes place simultaneously in 150 countries. 2370 events will be taking place for Global Entrepreneurship Week this year in the UK alone.

The launch event in London, hosted by Reuben Christian, began with a talk by Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills.

Global Entrepreneurship Week event

I have written about the take-home messages I left with over on the Good News Shared blog – please check it out:

Have you attended a Global Entrepreneurship Week event? Please share any tips and lessons you learn with me in the comments section below!