Why we can’t afford to ignore social media

Couldn’t agree more!

Rotary Voices

Interactors during a photo break at the Rotary Convention in Sydney, Australia. Interactors during a photo break at the Rotary Convention in Sydney, Australia.

By Marilyn Axler, a member of the E-Club of South Jersey, and Rotary Global History Fellowship board member

I have been using social media to promote Rotary for three years now, posting on Linked In and other platforms to connect with others and share Rotary’s message. From time to time, I hear from members who are uncomfortable with social media. They say they feel it is invasive and they bring up concerns for privacy and safety.

Could it be that they are also afraid to embrace change? I agree the telephone is still the best way to communicate sometimes. But social media is clearly where it is at for younger people. Can we really afford to ignore the “new age of communications?”

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Sharing A Volunteering Journey Via A Blog

Salma Begum, one of the writers for Good News Shared and a first year student at UCL is spending 10 weeks working in a school in Kisii, Kenya. I have never volunteered abroad, so I am really excited that I will be able to follow Salma’s experiences via her blog.

I have really enjoyed reading about the preparations and fundraising Salma did before the trip, and know that her updates from Kenya now she is there will be really interesting. I am particularly excited that Salma will be video blogging from Kenya, as it will be incredible to see the school and the area she is working in.

My parents were born and raised in Kenya, so I really enjoy learning more about the country, and I am looking forward to doing so via Salma’s blog.

Have you volunteered abroad? Please share your experiences by leaving a comment below!